This Weeks Health News – 28/03/14

This weeks health news has seen a call to increase fluoride in water, the development of a ‘heart age’ calculator and concerns about the public view on obesity. ...

This weeks health news has seen a call to increase fluoride in water, the development of a ‘heart age’ calculator and concerns about the public view on obesity.


Consider mass fluoridation of water, says health body

Adding fluoride to water should be considered by councils in England to improve dental health, the government’s public health advisory body says… Read more here.

Public Health England is urging councils to add fluoride to the general water supply after a report was released showing that in areas which already have fluoride added to the water, children were 45% less likely to have tooth decay. Whilst it is true that fluoride can reduce tooth decay, adding fluoride to water is absurd.

First of all, there are better ways to combat tooth decay, the most obvious thing being not feeding children sugary foods! Not only will this combat tooth decay, but will also combat childhood obesity and behavioural problems, it really is a win-win solution! Why Public Health England has decided water fluoridation to be the answer I really have no idea.

Secondly, the health risk of ingesting fluoride goes completely unmentioned by Public Health England, which simply doesn’t make sense. I cannot see how tooth decay is a priority over the many known dangers of consuming fluoride! Fluoride is a known carcinogen, neuro-toxin, causes damage to kidneys, bones and the thyroid. I know that if I had to decided between tooth decay and an increased risk of cancer/ kidney damage/ bone damage/ erratic thyroid, I would go for tooth decay every time.

I am glad to see that the idea of fluoridation of water has already had some opposition, hopefully someone with some sense will be able to intervene with this.


heart-risk-calculatorCheck if your heart is ‘older’ than you, say doctors

People are being urged to find out their “true” heart age in order to cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes… Read more here.

With heart disease steadily on the rise in the UK, heart health is becoming more and more important. A group of doctors have put together a ‘heart health calculator’, which help you determine your true heart age. If you are born before 1984, and know your cholesterol levels you will be able to calculate your heart age, and determine your risk of experiencing cardiovascular disease in your life. I cannot vouch for its accuracy (I’m also too young to use the calculator), but it could be of interest to many people, and you can find the calculator here.


obesity-now-normalObesity now seen as normal by society, warns Chief Medical Officer

Obesity is becoming a norm in society, England’s Chief Medical Officer has warned in her annual report on the state of the nation’s health… Read more here.

This is something that I have noticed as well; as more and more people become fat, more and more people are seeing it as normal, and are not concerned with it.  It isn’t normal, natural or healthy to have so much excess fat, but I think because it is common to be over-weight, people see it as normal and don’t see it for what it is. Its almost like being over-weight is the new ‘normal’ and being obese is the new ‘over-weight’! Being used to everyone around you being over-weight doesn’t make it ok, but the problem is, who will be able to break the mould? If your parents/ friends/ partner is over-weight it is sadly easier to join them – eat the same sized portion, eat the same type of food, and not move all day. Are you one of these people who has slipped into this way of thinking?

The chief medical officer is blaming high sugar diets, and lack of activity, stating that the average adult will watch 27.5 hours of TV a week, but will fail to meet the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise a week. She also states that 1/3 of sugar is easily avoidable and is from fizzy drinks and fruit juices, and suggests a sugar tax to be introduced.  Changes are obvious and simple, maybe only watch 25 hours of TV a week, and do some actual exercise. Eat real food, and cut out sugary foods like the high sugar fizzy drinks and fruit juices.

I can’t agree more with the chief medical officer, and in-fact a sugar tax is something I proposed not too long ago in a petition here (feel free to sign it).


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