Is Noopept Safe?


We have visited some natural nootropics in the past, but recently I have been involved in researching nootropics again and the market has changed significently since I last visited it. There have been a number of new products on the block, ...

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How to Tell if your Fish Oil is Rancid


Rancid fish oil obviously isn’t good. In a nut shell, if your fish oil is rancid then you’re not going to get the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, and you will be consuming pills of toxic sludge. Not what you want ...

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Can Evening Primrose Oil Improve Circulation?


I was recently asked by a family member if evening primrose oil would can improve circulation. Certainly all manufacturers claim it does, but as most people know, there is a big difference between what a product says it can do, ...

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Post Workout Vitamin C, Cortisol & Testosterone


Following the last post which concluded that for the majority of the population, the radicals produced during exercise were beneficial, and shouldn’t be neutralised artificially, I was asked about how this relates to taking vitamin C post workout to reduce ...

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Do you need antioxidants when you exercise?

Pull ups

“If you exercise, you need to take some antioxidants” – That’s what most personal trainers will say, most athletes will say, and generally anyone who is in an exercising sphere will say. The main reason for this is that exercising ...

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