• The Probiotic Showdown

    Comparison of the value and quality of a number of probiotic supplements on the market today!

6 Reasons why Bread is Good for you


Bread is heavily condemned and demonised. It’s not without good reason, but it’s had so much bad press that people fear it. People fear bread so much that they are happy to miss a meal rather than eat a sandwich. ...

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How Much Salt is Safe to Eat?


A 10-year follow-up study, involving 2642 adults (age range, 71-80 years) has recently been published, and has concluded that there is no link between salt intake and risk of cardiovascular disease. The results were split into 3 groups, and are ...

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Simplest Health Test to do at Home


Everyone wants to know how healthy they really are; what their risk is of being struck be a fatal ailment such as cardiovascular disease (which accounts for more than 30% of global deaths). Whilst reading research on various health tests, ...

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Are There Benefits to Fresh Air?

go outside

We spend almost all day indoors. In fact, I can imagine that people won’t spend any more time outside than the time it takes to walk from the car to the front door at work/ at home. We are missing ...

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