Do you need antioxidants when you exercise?

Pull ups

“If you exercise, you need to take some antioxidants” – That’s what most personal trainers will say, most athletes will say, and generally anyone who is in an exercising sphere will say. The main reason for this is that exercising ...

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How Important is Breakfast?

Breakfast buffet

Skipping breakfast is on the rise, almost in correlation to the rise in health messages on the importance of eating breakfast – so what’s best? When you scratch the surface of eating breakfast vs not eating breakfast, you find some ...

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What’s on your Toothbrush?


This post is sponsored by Nano-b toothbrushes. Imagine getting up in the morning and sloshing around a bacteria riddled stick in your mouth. It doesn’t sound hygienic, let alone healthy; but this is something most people will do every day. ...

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7 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress


A modern lifestyle is a perfect recipe for chronic stress. You work long hours, sat at a desk out of direct sunlight, looking at a computer screen while fuelling your body on coffee. Oddly enough, it is a similar story ...

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A Complete Guide to Fibre


Fibre is the forgotten nutrient. It is known to benefit us in a number of ways, and I think its true impact on our health is through the way it influences our gut microflora, which is only just being realised. ...

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