Understanding your Turmeric Supplement

Turmeric Supplements

Recently we have been getting quite a few emails asking about the information on turmeric supplements, and the difference between various turmeric supplements. So, here I’ll explain the main differences between the types of turmeric supplements, and what this means ...

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No Kill (Healthy Habit #8)


Why? Imagine you are living 50,000 years ago. You, or a member of your small tribe was unable to make a successful hunt. You are disappointed, but its not uncommon, so, today, like many other days, you go without meat. ...

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The Fish Oil Showdown


Here I have selected a number of popular omega-3 supplements to compare the quality of each one. I will look at the dosages of omega-3, vitamin content, processing methods, testing and chemical form of the omega-3s. Usually I try and ...

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Primal Movements (Healthy Habit #7)


What is a primal exercise? A primal exercise is one which mimics movements which we have needed to do as hunter gatherers to survive. We have evolved requiring these movements for survival, our body is well designed to do them, ...

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