6 Easy Ways to Improve Radical Protection


Radical damage is the cause of so many modern health problems. It has been linked to increasing the risk of cancer, causing inflammation (and related diseases) and is even thought to be a major cause for the development of the signs ...

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Keep Your Skin On (Healthy Habit #6)


This obviously comes with a bit of common sense. Don’t, for example, eat a banana with the skin on, and don’t eat an orange with the peel on (although maybe don’t pick off all the little bits of pith). You ...

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The Red Meat, L-Carnitine & TMAO Connection


Red meats such as beef or lamb are high in a number of nutrients such as zinc, B vitamins, healthy fats and high quality protein. The protein in red meats contains large amounts of an amino acid called L-carnitine, which ...

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Bad Baker (Healthy Habit #5)


Why? Whilst I’m not opposed to the odd bit of wheat here and there, it shouldn’t be a staple part of your diet, even if you are not intolerant to gluten. Bread, and similar products do not contain any nutrients, ...

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Caffeine Before a Workout


Caffeine is a stimulant and a powerful antioxidant – 2 things we are told are great for taking before a workout, be it cardio or weight training. But does caffeine actually benefit your workout, and could it have any negative ...

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