Vibram 5-Fingers Bikila Review


My first proper pair of running trainers were the Nike Frees which are transitional trainers to bare-feet running. After running in them for about a year, I decided to give bare-feet running a go, and got a pair of Vibram ...

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How Much Does Basic Nutrition Cost?


With the rising food prices and stunted wage rises, it has become a regular claim by many that a healthy diet is just too expensive. This is highlighted regularly in the news, where it is often claimed that “basic nutrition is ...

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Yacon Syrup – A New Sweetener?


Yacon syrup has recently become popular as a weight loss aid. For many, it can be difficult to determine whether this is another ‘fad’ diet product, or, if indeed yacon syrup can help with weight loss. This article will explain ...

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How Much Water Should I Drink, and Why?


Water is often overlooked when it comes to nutrition, either because people assume keeping hydrated is a given, or because water doesn’t contain any nutrients per se. Yet water is one of the most important part of your diet, and ...

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Health Effects of Fluoride

Toothbrush with Toothpaste

Fluoride is found in incredibly small quantities in our diet, but is also added to toothpaste, and in some countries such as the USA and Australia it is commonly added to the water supply. Currently in the UK a number ...

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How to Improve your Circulation

Cold hands

Poor circulation is a growing problem in modern society, especially for those who have a desk job and are not very active. The effects of poor circulation are most noticeable on the extremities of the body such as hands and ...

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Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?


Garcinia cambogia is a small tropical fruit which has recently become very popular after being recommended by Dr Oz as a supplement which can help you lose weight. Garcinia cambogia contains a chemical called hydroxycitric acid, and it is this ...

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