Is Paleo Dead? (or dying?)


I’m not a fan of any fad diet, because that is just what they are – a fad. They lack science, and often are unhealthy. They lay out strict dietary rules which everyone must stick to, with the promise of ...

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Health Risks of Aflatoxins & How to Avoid Them


You may have heard of the carcinogen aflatoxin in the context of peanuts, and peanut products like peanut butter. In fact, it can be found in a number of other products, including other nut products (not that peanuts are actually ...

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A Healthy Take-away


Despite everyone’s best efforts to be healthy, a take-a-way will still feel like a naughty treat on a Friday night, or a convenient meal after a busy day. You want to let your hair down, but you also don’t want ...

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The Probiotic Showdown


Following the success of the Fish Oil Showdown we did, here is the Probiotic Showdown. Here I have compared the value and quality of a number of probiotic supplements, and explained the scientific support behind each product – which is ...

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6 Reasons why Bread is Good for you


Bread is heavily condemned and demonised. It’s not without good reason, but it’s had so much bad press that people fear it. People fear bread so much that they are happy to miss a meal rather than eat a sandwich. ...

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