• How Important is Breakfast?

    Skipping breakfast is on the rise, almost in correlation to the rise in health messages on the importance of eating breakfast – so what’s best?

What’s on your Toothbrush?


This post is sponsored by Nano-b toothbrushes. Imagine getting up in the morning and sloshing around a bacteria riddled stick in your mouth. It doesn’t sound hygienic, let alone healthy; but this is something most people will do every day. ...

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7 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress


A modern lifestyle is a perfect recipe for chronic stress. You work long hours, sat at a desk out of direct sunlight, looking at a computer screen while fuelling your body on coffee. Oddly enough, it is a similar story ...

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A Complete Guide to Fibre


Fibre is the forgotten nutrient. It is known to benefit us in a number of ways, and I think its true impact on our health is through the way it influences our gut microflora, which is only just being realised. ...

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Rosita EVCLO vs Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil


For a long time Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil has been the gold standard of cod liver oil products, and with good reason. It has minimal processing, naturally occurring vitamins, and even additional nutrients such as co-enzyme Q-10 produced ...

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Is Paleo Dead? (or dying?)


I’m not a fan of any fad diet, because that is just what they are – a fad. They lack science, and often are unhealthy. They lay out strict dietary rules which everyone must stick to, with the promise of ...

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