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We Are Health Cloud

We Are Health Cloud

The Health Cloud has a single goal of developing the most efficient UK launchpad for health related businesses. We have over 10 years experience working in online e-commence, working closely in health sector categories such as foods, supplements and electronics.

Health Cloud LTD was originally established in 2011 and began retailing health products backed by scientific research, and providing a educational articles on this research. We succeeded in our initial goal, but after those first few years our company evolved and started to specialise in the logistics and imports of health products from Europe and America. These imports grew into distribution deals and now we specialise in representing several brands from around the world.

The UK’s total online sales in 2020 was just below 100 billion British pounds* and year on year the overall internet retail sales growth was a whopping 62% in March 2021†. Use our expertise to gain exposure to this huge, yet rapidly growing market.

* Source: Statista
† Source: Statista

We can work with any size business from small pilot product launches to large corporates with vast inventories. We are versatile and scalable.

Not only do with have a flexible approach to meet your business needs, we can also adapt as your business does. We can grow together.

The British online market is large and growing at a rapid rate, especially since Covid19. We are ready to help you capture this market, all you need to do is make the move and we can see how we can work together.

Whether you want us to control all aspects of the business in the UK or you just want a place to store and dispatch goods, it’s your choice.

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