Bountiful Sea Conference – Giveaway!

This September the University of Oxford is hosting The Bountiful Sea Conference – a blend of historic information, culinary delights and academic discussion. To support the event, we are giving...

This September the University of Oxford is hosting The Bountiful Sea Conference – a blend of historic information, culinary delights and academic discussion. To support the event, we are giving away tickets and accommodation for 2! (see details below).


The conference

Over 3 days, attendees will learn about the history of fishing and fish processing by the Romans, and enjoy some of the food and drinks they created. You will even get to enjoy a Roman Seafood Dinner. It will be an exciting experience for both the mind and the body, where you will undoubtedly experience tastes that you have never known before.  The conference starts at 3pm on the 6th Sept, and the full program can be downloaded here.

Aside from learning about history and tasting some interesting foods, the conference will offer a unique insight into historic food preparation and production. Before the time of preservatives, freezers and farmed fish, people had to find different ways to keep their food nutritious and safe to eat. Seafood posed one of the biggest challenges of all. It is a source of highly nutritious but very reactive omega-3 fatty acids, and the Romans discovered some very novel (and sadly largely forgotten) ways to preserving it. The foods they created through these preservation methods were extremely nutritious, and were the inspiration for the creation of Green Pasture’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil. We have long been advocates of Green Pasture’s Cod Liver Oil – it is unique among all other cod liver oils, and I believe the extent of its health benefits have not yet been fully realised yet.


The giveaway

The information provided in this conference is of great importance and relevance to the understanding of good health. Not only do we want to support the conference and the message they are giving, but we also want to help spread the information. So, in collaboration with Green Pasture, we are offering a conference give-away for 2 people, which includes:

  • Tickets to the entire conference (Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th September) worth £100 each.
    • Including keynote lecture, Roman fish tasting dinner, conference pack, academic sessions, sauce tastings, wine receptions, two lunches, tea & coffee.
  • Accommodation for 2 for the duration of the conference (in the historic Oxford University). More information on these rooms can be found here.
  • Some financial contribution for travel (UK only).


How to enter

To enter, simply comment on this article (scroll down below the article to see the comment section) with which Green Pasture product you like the most, and why. We will pick the winner at random on the 17th of August, by replying to their comment. The winner should automatically get an email notification when we reply to their comment. When you sign up to comment, use an email address that you check.

I hope you enjoy the site, and like what we have worked hard to create, any feedback is very much welcome, after all this site is for you! Graduate of Nutrition & Food Science (Bsc) at Reading Uni.
    • MARY Mashburn

      Wow! How awesome! Fave product is fermented cod liver/butter oil. Take it everyday and my last baby was 22.5 inches long and I had a 4 foot long umbilical cord. I’m not a big Mommy but quite a difference from my other two babies!

    • Hannah Cornwell

      What an amazing idea for a partnership! Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil is a winner – would be fascinating to learn how the Romans put fermented fish to good use!

      • Congratulations Hannah! You have been picked to win the tickets 🙂 Please can you contact us through our contact form so we can arrange the prize for you.

        • Hannah Cornwell

          How exciting!! Will contact you for the tickets!

    • jess fino

      I prefer the Blue Ice Royal blend consisting of two-thirds fermented cod liver oil and one-third high-vitamin butter oil, because it helps me with my Vitamin-D supplementation.

    • Sera Baker

      The Romans’ use of fish in their diet was incredible. Delicious food, early food technology and all with applications to modern food… And what a brilliant set of speakers lined up to illustrate the sea.

    • Hayley

      cod liver oil, great for my bones.

    • Maria

      Roman use of fish sounds really interesting – I could think of a few uses for oil and balm.

    • Sophie Hay

      What have the Romans ever done for us? Taught us of the benefits of fermented cod products for one thing. Green Pasture’s Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil is the best way to keep my joints supple – perfect for letting me get on with my job of running around surveying Roman archaeology.

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