The Best Muscle Building Product on the Market

Read the whole article, you will NOT be disappointed! Introducing the new muscle building complex Pro-Avenalin: The best muscle building product on the market!   Pro-Avenalin Pro-Avenalin contains no...

Read the whole article, you will NOT be disappointed!

Introducing the new muscle building complex Pro-Avenalin: The best muscle building product on the market!



Pro-Avenalin contains no sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavours. It is pure, high quality, and natural – designed for the bodybuilders and athletes who are serious about getting the results they want. We designed this formula because we don’t want to be mixing various powders to get the perfect shake after the gym, or if you are in a rush in the morning. We don’t want to be eating sugars which cause body fat to be synthesized, or chemicals which are associated with cancer.

We want the best, and that is what we have worked hard to produce!

In one 100g serving of Pro-Avenalin you will receive:


Digestible Complex Carbohydrates – Oats (55g)

Oats have been long recognized as the best energy source for bodybuilders and athletes alike.  The complex carbohydrates used in this formula avoid undesirable sugar spikes and erratic energy levels. These digestible complex carbohydrates ensure a steady and consistent release of energy to fuel your workout. We have chosen to include 55g of this carbohydrate complex to ensure you have enough energy to do your work out, and allow your body to build up muscle.


Protein – Avenalin (17g)

Avenalin is a unique protein source which we names this product after. Avenalin contains the right ratios of all 9 essential amino acids which our body needs, making it an exceptional protein for athletes and bodybuilders. What is particularly exciting about Avenalin is the high amount of leucine in it, which is the only amino acid which has shown by studies to have anabolic properties. Containing this ratio of quality amino acids means you don’t have to consume loads of protein just to ensure you are getting enough of the right amino acids. After all, would you rather consume loads of poor quality protein, or the right amount of high quality protein to achieve your goals.


Avena Sativa (10,000mg) (Plant Extract)

A massive dosage of Avena sativa! Most products containing avena sativa only usually offer 1000mg dosage, but this product contains TEN TIMES this amount, making it TEN TIMES more effective.
Avena sativa contains avenocosides, which are the active component that boosts testosterone. It works by releasing bound testosterone, increasing your levels of free testosterone, which increases protein synthesis, and so increases muscle mass. This will allow you to reach your goal faster than you have previously, leaving all your gym buddies behind!


Digestion Promoting fibre (11g)

Fibre is essential for the proper digestion of foods and maintains a healthy digestive tract. Although we do not absorb the fibre, it helps move food through our bowels, help remove excess choesterol, and protects the digestive tract from toxins. Finally, the probiotic bacteria in our gut love to eat fibre, which will promote your immune sytem, and produce vitamins and short chain fatty acids – all of which are essential for athletes. Intense work out can take a massive toll on your body, and so it is important to make sure it is well maintained.


Fatty acid blend (7g)

This blend contains omega-3 and omega-6, both of which are essential for our health, but these are not the only important fats to be consuming. This blend contains a unique ratio of saturated, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, all of which are essential for a number of rolls from nerve function to energy production and heart health.


Vitamin & mineral complex (1.2g)

Micro-nutrients are needed for all functions of the body, but are only required in small quantities. One serving of this product provides a diverse range on both vitamins and minerals to ensure your body is able to work at its most efficient.



I know what you are thinking, something this amazing is going to have a serious premium on its head, but this is not the case. We don’t want to chase profits like other companies, we want everyone to be able to achieve their goal, so this product only costs £2.18 for 20 servings – just over 10p a serving!

This product is just a sack of oats!


What I have just described is actually 100g of oats, but, in this spoof product listing I haven’t lied at all. The ingredients and contents are actually all real, but a bit of exaggeration and selective information can make a sack of oats look really impressive.

100g of oats (the Latin name being Avena sativa) contain:

  • 66g of carbohydrates (11g of which are fibre)
  • 17g of protein (the vast majority of which is called avenalin)
  • 7g of fat
  • Approximately 1.2g of various vitamins and minerals (in reality it will probably be a bit more than this).

This is just to show how easy it is to make a mundane product look like something a lot more that it really is, which is something that happens in the sports (particularly bodybuilding) industry all the time. Beware of half-truths and exaggeration, do your research and don’t get caught out!

Images courtesy of Garen M and sondyaustin

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