When I first started reviewing things for the site (which wasn’t too long ago), I never thought I would give anything 10/10, and to be honest, I didn’t want to give anything 10/10, but whilst trying to think of a fault with it, I just couldn’t.

Overview of app –  This app is designed to give you something to run to, and help motivate you to run. The idea of it all is that a zombie apocalypse has happened, and you make up one of the survivors. You are a ‘runner’ and run about picking up resources and helping your base. You have you earphones in, and you are following instructions, listening to the story unfold in real time. It is done as a radio broadcast, and you are able to input your own playlist and they play your songs which is really cool. You can chose to have zombie hordes on/off, and if its ‘on’ zombies will randomly chase you, and you have to out run them (by doing a 100m sprint I think). This is great for training, but very exhausting! There are a number of missions to do, and then there is radio mode to listen to when you are done. Radio mode seems to have less of s story than the missions, will be good for long runs.

Enjoyment/ Engagement – Fantastic! The story so far has been great, good plot and always stuff going on. Within moments of starting the first mission I had been shot down out of a helicopter, chased by a zombie horde, ran through a hospital and found a file from the center of disease control only to be jumped my another horde of zombies. The recordings are great, and you really can get engrossed in the story. If you have ever thought running is boring, try this app!

Value for money – This is the first app I have actually paid for – I’ve never thought there was an app which was actually worth money, and free versions of everything have served me well. This is still the only app I have paid for (£2.79 I think), so I don’t really know what other paid for apps are like, but this really is more than worth the money. There is enough entertainment in this app for miles and miles and miles. Easily worth the money I paid.

Fulfillment of purpose – The purpose of this app is really to make running fun, and it does this more than could be expected. It easily fulfills its purpose. I love the added feature of the zombie hordes, and although I hate it when they come, the motivation it gives you to run is fantastic!

In short, if you are a runner/ starting to run, but worried about getting bored get the +Zombies, Run! app – great fun :)

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